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Personal Services

Taking care of your individual accounting needs

Tax Returns

Saving you money, in terms you understand

Whether you have 2 slips for your return or 20, we make it our priority to give you accurate and clear results each year.  We will explain your tax picture so that you see what your tax obligations are and why.

We'll offer suggestions to legally minimize your taxes owing and help you plan for the future.

If you have received correspondence from the CRA and you are not sure what to do or, if you have not filed your returns in a few years, we can help.

We are always here to assist you throughout the year - not just between January and April

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Tax Planning

Working with you, through the tough stuff

 There's more to doing taxes than your annual return.  Are you retiring soon?  What changes could you make now or next year to make that transition as painless, and profitable as possible?

No one likes to think about the steps that have happen when they pass.  With some planning and wise decision making now, you can lessen the burden of what do do, when to do it, and how to do it for those you leave behind. 

We can have these frank and confidential conversations with you.

Business Conversation

Small Business / Self Employed Individuals

Providing timely financial information to our clients is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised.  Meaningful well-organized financial records allow you to make better business decisions.

You've done it!

You have your own business and you wand to focus your time on running and growing your dream. 

Your individual bookkeeping requirements should be customized to fit your needs.  We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual services to keep you in the know and compliant with the various government agencies that you answer to.

We offer the following:

  • General Ledger and Financial Statement preparation - giving you a timely snapshot on the profitability and viability of your business

  • Computerized accounting system set-up or transition to a computerized system

  • HST calculations and returns

  • Payroll Services from calculating from calculating your weekly / biweekly payroll to the preparation of the CRA related compliance forms (T4 / T4A / T5 and Summary Reports)

  • WSIB calculations, remittances and reconciliation

  • Tax Planning - to help you keep more of your hard earned money

  • Capital gains - from the calculations that go into these to how to use your exemptions to minimize your taxes owing

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Rental Properties

Welcome to being a landlord

We will guide you from the planning stages of purchasing a rental property, through the years of ownership until the time comes to sell.

There are rules set out by CRA regarding real estate rentals and how these rentals are reported on your tax return.

We'll review the differences between capital costs and expense, what expenses you can claim, and what your options are when it comes time to see your investment.

The importance of good records cannot be stressed enough when it comes to property ownership.  Capital gains can be reduced by accurate and complete file keeping.

Leasing a Home
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